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Sara Silvio

“I am motivated by the opportunity to serve our clients. I enjoy building teams that can expertly and efficiently accomplish a project.” – Sara Silvio  

Sara Silvio


With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Sara is a knowledgeable, resourceful, and highly praised engineer and project manager. As President of Constructive Ingenuity, Sara works to cultivate relationships with prospective clients and other companies in the industry. Through these connections, Constructive Ingenuity can offer clients the resources, skills, and network to help get their project done well. As Sara says, “Having a good client relationship means that they come to us as a source of aid, whether we get to eventually work for them or not.” She diligently keeps relationships alive and works to build deeper partnerships. Sara also maintains and organizes all of the projects and supports our project managers, actively serving clients efficiently while seeking opportunities for company growth.

As an industrial engineer, Sara seeks to identify efficiencies, processes, and systems which make the construction project easier for everyone involved. She enjoys helping our industrial clients identify opportunities for improvement in their distribution or manufacturing processes. Sara’s philosophy is to determine the ideal flow and then fit the building around that. She believes the building and its systems should not govern the manufacturing and distribution, but that these aspects should govern the building.

Sara enjoys mentoring women early in their construction career. Outside of work she is a traveler who loves to experience new things, relax, or learn. She and her husband enjoy traveling to the mountains, the ocean, and Alaska. Sara also enjoys red wine and loves large dogs, specifically German shepherds.

  • BS Industrial and System Engineering, Mercer University
  • Construction Quality Manager (CQM)
  • Certificate in Logistics, Georgia Institute of Technology Supply Chain and Logistics Institute
  • Licensed Building Contractor, State of Florida #CBC1251984
  • Licensed General Contractor, State of Georgia #GCO002067
  • Licensed General Contractor, State of Tennessee